General Problem Troubleshooting ⚙️

Interacted with our website and encountered a problem? 

Don't panic. Here are the standard troubleshooting procedures that you can try:

  • Use a desktop rather than a mobile device for a flawless user experience;
  • Check your wallet connection, refresh and reconnect if needed;
  • Make sure your wallet is connected to the correct chain;
  • Clear the cache of your browser (hard refresh);
  • Try different browsers (best with clear cache), for example, if you are on Chrome, try using Mozilla;
  • Close heavy background apps and avoid using multiple tabs;

💡 You can also check the related articles at the bottom of this page.


No website is entirely bug-free. If the above protocols do not help, please get in touch with our Support by email (via the Contact button in the top right corner), or reach out to us on Telegram or Discord for instant support.

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