My Wallet Got Compromised 😱

Unfortunately, if your wallet gets compromised, there isn't anything we can do to retrieve your funds. There is no way to reverse or cancel the transaction on the blockchain. Vested allocations and staked tokens are locked in the smart contracts and can only be sent to your original wallet address. Our smart contracts are fully decentralized, and we can't move funds locked in them. 

You can try to transfer the funds to the new wallet right after withdrawing them. Changing the wallet for future project participation is recommended to avoid further loss.

Please stay vigilant and keep the good practice of always double-checking the validity of the websites before connecting your wallet. Type yourself and ensure the URL is SSL-protected. Remember: always double-check the URL! Never navigate to our site through ads - they might lead to a malicious website. Only use the resources linked on the official website in the Community tab. 

💡 If you spot a fake website or ads impersonating Polkastarter, you can help us report them:

Interests in Cryptocurrencies have boomed over recent years, and so has the number of scammers and impersonators. Given the decentralised nature of Web3 and blockchain tech, the security of the funds is in the user's hands. 

💡 Always make sure the URL is - bookmark it to be safe!

There are a number of scams common in the crypto world. We addressed some of them in our article:


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