How Staking works

Right now, the Staking feature is available on Ethereum and BSC. Staking enables POLS token holders to stake their tokens on-chain, instead of keeping them in your wallet. While bringing additional benefits such as:

  • Immediately qualify to apply to new IDO allowlists
  • Instead of waiting for 7 days until you're eligible, your POLS will be locked for 7 days instead
  • After that, withdraw any time if you'd like!

However, staking tokens also come with smart contract risks as well as network fees. 

Particularly when it comes to Ethereum, where staking can cost somewhere between $50-100, it is significantly cheaper to stake on Binance Smart Chain, but still bearing in mind that smart contract risks are the same on both.

⚠️ Important: The main difference between holding and staking POLS is that your staked POLS tokens will immediately turn into POLS Power, but will also be locked for the next 7 days (instead of waiting for 7 days).

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