Where to check my Application Status

After you find the project you want to support and you apply to their allowlist, you can check your application status on your dashboard. There are 6 possible allowlist statuses:

  1. Applied 
    You have applied to this IDO. When the Allowlist closes, check back here to see if you've been pre-selected. 
  2. Pre-selected
    Congratulations, you have been pre-selected! Soon the project team will invite you to complete KYC, make sure to check your inbox and junk.
    Check your emails (and junk) for an invitation and complete KYC using the same email address you applied with.
  4. Allowlisted
    Congratulations! You have been Allowlisted. Get your wallet ready for the IDO launch. 
  5. Unlucky
    Sorry! You have been unsuccessful in this lottery. Good luck next time! 
  6. Cooldown Period
    Your wallet is still in the Cooldown period of 7 days, which started at the exact time of your last IDO participation. If you’re still in your cooldown period and want to participate in an IDO the best option would be to stake POLS on your dashboard.

    Check here all you need to know about the Cooldown period! 

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