Why participate in a Polkastarter IDO as a backer?

Permissionless fundraising and a user-friendly UX

Polkastarter IDOs are carried out in a permissionless environment. Permissionless IDO access means any eligible address can participate in an IDO, opening up opportunities to more diverse community members without sacrificing security. Of course, eligibility alone does not mean automatic access to an IDO - you will still need to be selected on an allowlist.

Polkastarter’s seamless user experience is another distinguishing feature of the platform. Our clean-as-a-whistle design, coupled with a user-first approach, makes IDO participation as easy as a walk in the park.

Projects of the highest quality

Headlined by the Polkastarter Council, the Polkastarter IDO selection process ensures only game-changing projects primed for growth launch fundraising pools on our platform. Each of the Polkastarter Council members holds heavyweight status in their respective industry niches and is able to not only select the best projects in the space but also nurture them continuously beyond their IDO.

Fair and early access

Polkastarter’s IDO platform enables IDO participants to jump in early and get preferential access to the most innovative projects in the blockchain and digital assets space. This luxury was previously reserved for professional investors such as angels and venture capitalists. Polkastarter democratizes access to innovation and allows the average Joe to become a long-term supporter of early-stage ventures.

Fairness during Polkastarter IDO participation is further ensured via fixed swaps. Fixed swaps establish a maximum investment amount per participant and help protect against large token concentrations among whales in the early stages of token distribution.

Safe and secure on-chain fundraising environment

Participating in the early stages of fundraising and community building for blockchain projects has often been associated with rug pulls and other behaviour falling on the shiftier side of the spectrum. By using Polkastarter, participants can support an early-stage venture with fewer concerns about the validity of a project and the legitimacy of a given team. On-chain fundraising enables all participants to peak into a project’s past activity and double-check any potential eyebrow-raising events.

We created the platform with a security-first mindset and have built systems to reinforce our goal of becoming the industry’s go-to launchpad. Our rigorous KYC process ensures you are in good company. Every IDO participant has been vetted, and chances are they are in it for the long run, just like you.

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