What is POLS Power

Polkastarter, powered by the platform-native POLS token, gives you early access to the ideas of tomorrow. This access is exclusively granted to a limited number of community members that continuously accumulate POLS Power.

We decided to create POLS Power in order to make things easier for all our users and provide you with one single number that you can use to determine your chances of participating in an IDO.

POLS Power is essentially an aggregator that counts the eligible POLS balance across several sources if you like. This includes the amount of tokens you hold in your wallet, the amount of POLS you’re staking and also any LP tokens you might have.

The initial threshold granting Allowlist eligibility is 250 POLS Power. This means that having 250 POLS Power grants you ONE entry ticket for each IDO you apply for. As that number increases, so do your chances of getting allowlisted — having 750 POLS Power would then mean you have 3 tickets and so on, and so on.

Mind you that you can only win every allowlist once. Multiple tickets increase your chances of winning, but not the maximum allocation.

There are also POLS Power levels, designed to incentivize holding and staking more POLS tokens. We’ve broken those down into Tiers. The value of every individual ticket (worth 250 POLS) increases as you level up.

  • 250+ POLS Power = Every ticket is worth 1 ticket
  • 1,000+ POLS Power = Every ticket is worth 1.1 tickets
  • 3,000+ POLS Power = Every ticket is worth 1.15 tickets
  • 10,000+ POLS Power = Every ticket is worth 1.20 tickets
  • 30,000+ POLS Power = Every ticket is worth 1.25 tickets & No Cooldown

⚠️ NOTE: All POLS, held in your wallet or staked, as well as LP tokens, are combined from both, Ethereum and BSC, into one POLS Power balance.

No Cooldown means you can participate in as many IDOs as you’d like, whenever you’d like.

At the moment, your POLS Power is only determined by your token activity on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. The Polygon (MATIC) network is not yet integrated into the calculation of your POLS Power.

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