Cooldown Period - Everything You Need to Know

💡 Cooldown prevents you from being pre-selected in a new allowlist lottery for 7 days from your last IDO participation (the date you bought the tokens)

What does cooldown prevent?

Cooldown prevents from BECOMING SELECTED IN A LOTTERY for 7 days after allocating the funds into the project.

What cooldown does NOT prevent?

If you are already pre-selected for the IDO, meaning the project's allowlist has already closed and the lottery was performed, cooldown will NOT prevent you from joining the sale. You can continue with your allowlisting process undisturbed.

When does the cooldown begin?

It starts at the time you successfully allocate funds (buy the project's tokens) and lasts for 7 days.

Why create the cooldown period in the first place?

The cooldown period ensures fairness across the ecosystem.

With the cooldown, successful participants will not be able to win new allowlist spots in the lottery for 7 days, giving a HIGHER chance to those who were previously unlucky.

Do I enter a cooldown period immediately after being allowlisted?

No. The cooldown period ONLY begins once you have ALLOCATED FUNDS to an IDO. Hence bought the project's tokens.

If you have not allocated funds, NO cooldown applies.

Can you avoid the cooldown period?

Those with 30,000+ POLS Power enjoy ‘no cooldown period’. This includes 2 tiers: 30,000 and 50,000 POLS Power. 50,000 POLS Power tier comes with additional benefits, check here for more details.

If your POLS staking account is currently on a 7-day Cooldown and you top it up to 30K pols, your account will come out of cooldown after 6 hours (next POLS Power snapshot). If the lottery snapshot for the next allowlist is generated after your top-up, you will be able to be pre-selected in the lottery.

Here are three case studies to give you an idea of how exactly the cooldown period works:

  • Example #1

You get allowlisted on the 11th for IDO #1.

On the 12th, you get allowlisted for IDO #2.

IDO #1 and #2 sales happen on the 13th and 14th, respectively.

Would you still be able to participate in both? YES!

  • Example #2

If you get allowlisted for IDO #1 on the 11th.

IDO #1 sale is on the 12th, and you participated successfully.

IDO #2 allowlist opens on the 13th and closes on the 16th.

Can you get allowlisted for IDO #2? No, unless you hold 30k+ POLS and are exempt from cooldown.

  • Example #3

If you applied to more than 1 project and got pre-selected, will you get selected for the others?

If you allocated funds (=bought the tokens), you have to wait 7 days until you can win the next allowlist spot. The allowlist closing date and lottery snapshot generation are the crucial metrics here.

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