Why participate in a Polkastarter IDO as a project?

Launching fast, safe and interoperable token pools

Polkastarter enables leading projects to launch in an interoperable, cross-chain environment with support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Celo. We have also hosted dual-IDOs, in which projects were able to tap into both the ETH and BSC networks to fill their pools.

Polkastarter’s bread and butter lie in smooth interoperability between blockchain networks. By offering the option to launch on one or more of the chains (with more in the roadmap), Polkastarter provides higher throughput and cheaper and faster transactions. At the same time, IDO projects launching on Polkastarter are still connected to Ethereum and BSC for optimized liquidity.

Our dedication to providing a safe environment for both the community and our IDO projects is further exemplified by a rigorous KYC process. Projects can be assured they are tapping into a community that has been vetted and is genuinely interested in supporting their business.

Access to community

Since its inception in December 2020, Polkastarter has created a global platform and a vibrant ecosystem around it. We currently have over 600,000 followers on Twitter, close to 80,000 Telegram Members and around 30,000 users on the Discord server.

Choosing Polkastarter gives your project access and exposure to the Polkastarter community and enables you to tap into a wide pool of potential backers. Besides sheer size, our community is also spread out all over the globe - from Asia all the way to the Americas - which is an essential aspect of any successful crypto venture.

Our projects are never alone in their efforts to market and communicate the big news of their upcoming IDO. At Polkastarter, we start generating buzz right off the bat and spread the word all over our large following.

One-and-done does not exist in our dictionary either. We provide marketing and comms support post-IDO as well. In addition, our monthly newsletter, read by thousands of Polkastarter supporters, together with other updates and recaps we regularly roll out on our blog, includes highlights from our IDO projects and ensures the community is always up-to-date with everything you have going on.

Huge partnership announcement? Closing a funding round? Cosmic user base growth? People will surely find out.

Access to market

Next to our state-of-the-art launchpad and large community, projects choosing Polkastarter get an additional value-add by gaining improved market access. In order to ensure only the most innovative ideas launch on the platform, we have created the Polkastarter Council - an independent body responsible for IDO selection.

The Polkastarter Council, composed of leading companies and key stakeholders in the blockchain and digital assets space, has a second, equally important role to provide each project with long-term support way beyond their IDO. Think of it as a massive growth accelerant.

Polkastarter Council Members include KuCoin, Morningstar Ventures, Signum Capital, Polygon, Animoca Brands and others, and make up for industry leaders in their respective niches, be it early-stage investments, blockchain gaming or consulting.

Their wide networks and expertise enable them to provide our projects with “grade A” networking opportunities and advice, thereby ensuring each project is well-equipped to not only get off the ground but also in pole position to grow sustainably in the long term.

All IDO projects are furthermore connected with each other, paving the way for potential partnerships and cross-pollination between projects with mutual synergies. To date, we have incubated over 100 early-stage ventures, each of which has demonstrated a growing willingness to collaborate and share.

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