Launch with Polkastarter: a Step-by-Step Guide

1. Apply

You first need to submit the application form with basic information about your project. Then, our analysts will assess your project application. Usually, within several workdays, you will hear back from our team, and if their verification is positive, you can discuss the details (like fees, T&C, legal, etc.) at this stage. Terms and conditions, including the fee structure, are discussed individually with every project during the selection process, so don't be shy to submit this application form and start the process.

Not yet certain? Feel welcome to explore our Launch page:

2. Interview

After due diligence, we will hold a team interview. We base our selection on five criteria: basics, development, team and leadership, and tokenomics. Your passion and genuine dedication matter too. Besides great metrics, we are looking for people with whom we can work. You can learn more from our Blog article: The Polkastarter Project Selection Criteria

We have also introduced the Community guidelines that every project launching with us should follow.

After the interview, the Council receives the selected projects and makes a final decision.

3. Preparation

You’re in; time to prepare your launch with our experts. Once approved, projects get the full Polkastarter team support leading up to the sale. You will be in close communication with us throughout the process. 

4. Launch

The big day! Supporters fund your project. Launch of your token or NFT collection will happen on the official Polkastarter website on your respective Project Page.

* All of the allowlisted participants (users) must pass KYC; additionally, AML might be requested by you

5. Scale

Become a master of scale as we continue to support your journey. 🤝


Thanks for your interest in launching with us.

Together we build and accelerate web3 growth! 🚀

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