How-to Participate In A Standard Pool and Claim Your Tokens

Hi there! Welcome to Polkastarter’s first tutorial on how to participate in a standard pool. 

On Polkastarter we have two types of permissionless and fixed swap pools. Standard Pools and Atomic Pools.

Standard Pools are where you buy tokens and then have to wait for the pool time to elapse before being able to claim and withdraw your purchased tokens. In contrast, Atomic Pools allow purchasers to swap their tokens immediately.

How-to Participate In A Standard Pool

In order to participate in a standard pool, start by choosing the project pool you want to participate in. Almost every project requires you to be previously whitelisted, so please confirm first if the project requires a whitelist and if that's the case please follow their instructions for whitelisting directly. Once whitelisted, you can follow this step-by-step.

How-to Join A Pool On Polkastarter:

  1. Connect Metamask
  2. Review the pool’s minimum and maximum allocation
  3. Click Join Pool
  4. Read and Accept the Disclaimer
  5. Input how much ETH you want to spend to buy the token
  6. Click the Join Pool button
  7. On the pop-up, click confirm the transaction on your wallet
  8. Once confirmed (be patient), you just have to wait for the pool time to finish before claiming your tokens.

How to Claim Your Tokens On Standard Pools

Once the pool time ends you will be able to claim your tokens. In order to claim your tokens please go back to the page of the pool you participated in.

Click Your Allocations. Then click Claim Tokens. Metamask will open and you’ll have to confirm the transaction. You will get your tokens in your wallet shortly thereafter.