How to add POLS Liquidity to PancakeSwap

To successfully add POLS liquidity to PancakeSwap and reap the associated benefits, you will need the following:

  • A Metamask account connected to Binance Smart Chain. See how to set that up here.
  • BNB to pay for network fees
  • BNB in a ratio proportional to the amount of POLS you want to provide liquidity with
  • A minimum of 7BNB worth of POLS tokens for liquidity in order to be eligible for rewards, but only around 0.6 BNB in order to participate in our allowlisting.
  • Important to note: Your POLS should be in your Binance Smart Chain wallet. Have POLS on Ethereum? You can find out how to bridge your POLS tokens from ETH to BSC with Multichain in one of our previous blogs.

All set with your Metamask account? Connected to Binance Smart Chain? Very good, head over to PancakeSwap and let’s now take a look at the next steps.

How to add POLS liquidity to PancakeSwap

  1. Connect your Metamask Wallet to PancakeSwap (top right > Connect) and make sure you’ve selected ‘Smart Chain’.

2. Via the PancakeSwap menu on the left-hand side, select ‘Trade’ and then ‘Liquidity’.

Alternative: visit this URL that gives you direct access to the BNB/POLS pair.

3. Once you’re on the ‘Liquidity’ page, select ‘Add Liquidity’.

Select BNB and then select POLS.

In case the POLS token doesn’t appear in the list, you can add it manually by pasting the POLS BSC address (0x7e624fa0e1c4abfd309cc15719b7e2580887f570) into the search box.

4. Input the desired BNB and POLS amount (minimum 7BNB worth of POLS) you want to add to the POLS liquidity pool and click on ‘Supply’.

5. After confirming the supply, Metamask will again require a small fee to complete the approval. As you may have noticed, this is common practice for such transactions.

Congratulations, you are now a POLS liquidity provider on PancakeSwap!

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